DFS domain name resolution headaches

EDIT!: An update to this six months later….

So here is a quick one; ever had issues with DFS (Distributed File System) share being unable to resolve their name properly at seemingly random times?

If the answer is yes, here is a quick solution to test:
Try appending a “.” (dot) at the end of the fully qualified domain.
So \\anitblog.no\DFSRoot would become \\anitblog.no.\DFSRoot.

The reason for this is that appending the dot to a FQDN makes it an absolute query instead of an relative one.

Instead of rephrasing someone else, here is an explanation about dots in name resolution:


Here are a few various useful resources:

Microsoft Docs – Documentation on all things Microsoft, should contain almost all the articles from the old MSDN TechNet as well.

Stack Exchange – The root site for various excelent resources like Stack Overflow and Server Fault.

RegExr – Excellent site for creating and testing Regular Expressions (RegEx) strings.

SS64 – References for common scripting languages (across OS-es) and reference for database commands.

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